The Swing is the Thing – By Pauly B

Algebra 101 tells us that – a negative, multiplied by a negative, equals a positive. Does that explain why my parents, who are both lefties, reared seven children who are all righties? And, that my wife and I, who are both righties, have a child who is a lefty?Could it be that the algebraic equation plays a role in determining the outcome of a child’s dominant position of lefty or righty? Probably not. But hey, it sounds like a good possibility if not for just a brief moment doesn’t it? Whatever…

Before you go thinking that I’ve decided to write a blog about algebraic equations and the science behind algebras function in determining why people are righty or lefty, let me stop you there.

This is about golf :)

A father who plays golf, and who has played golf for years, hopes that one day he’ll play golf with his child. That is a simple golfer fact my friends. Accept it. Oh, now don’t go rolling your eyes about how boring golf must be. Don’t fall into the trap, of thinking how “foolish men” get their kicks out of whacking a little white ball around a big field in search of a hole with which to put the ball.

My little gal loves going to the driving range. AND, as a lefty swinger, it takes me back to my dad who, as a lefty, taught me as a righty when I was a young boy. It’s a reversal of tutelage. And as my dad watches over from heaven above, I’m sure he’s looking down upon is little-lefty-granddaughter with bright, beaming smile thinking: “LPGA”. We have yet to venture out onto a golf course to become more familiar with the game, but in time, perhaps this season as she turns 7 years old, we will go to a local par three course and give it a go. I can proudly say that even at the range, the little-lefty can clock that ball a mile. It’s a beautiful, graceful thing to see, and from a golfer’s perspective, it’s enough to bring a moving tear of golfer joy to anyone who understands what this could mean. And so, as my darling little girl begins to understand stance, grip, poise, an eye on the ball, and a focused, relaxed swing; may she also take in the breathtaking sounds of nature in a meticulously manicured setting of grass, birds, foliage and a soft, cushiony green where a 4.25” cup awaits the soft stroke of a putt for par.

Watch out Michelle Wie, Annika Sorenstam, and Natalie Gulbis, my daughter has an iron in her hand, and she knows that the swing is the thing…