Preschool Pumpkin Decorating — by Emily C.

IMG_4336.JPGFor the last two years, my preschooler hasn’t wanted to carve her pumpkins.  I don’t blame her after we spent fun days selecting just the right pumpkins to bring home.

My daughter’s favorite color is orange so masking that probably isn’t high on her to-do list.  I was pretty happy when she didn’t want me to cut them up; I’m not a big fan of pumpkin guts.

We still wanted to do some decorating.  Last year, we used glue and colored tissue paper bits to sort of decoupage the pumpkin surface.  The project was a Pinterest find from The Butcher, The Baker, & the Craft Maker.   It was a sticky and fun project.  The end result wasn’t the most attractive, but it was a great exercise in enjoying some creative time together.  My daughter had the most fun applying layer after layer of glue.

This year, we used another idea found on Pinterest.  We chose an easy pumpkin scribbling craft from the Swell Designer.  All we needed was crayons and white pumpkins.  I found some tiny white pumpkins for our experiment, and we each colored two pumpkins.


My daughter started to color her pumpkin with an orange crayon, her favorite.  I chuckled to myself wondering if she would just turn her white pumpkin orange.  The color was subtle so she didn’t think it was really working.  She started to become a little frustrated possibly because the pumpkin was so small.  If we do this project again, we might start with a larger pumpkin.

IMG_6282Once she got some color going, she was really excited.  It was fun to work on a new canvas.  We talked about our colors we were using especially in my rainbow-colored pumpkin.  She helped me select crayons to use and really enjoyed coloring the bottom of each of the pumpkins.  We also did some pumpkin sorting by lining the little guys up by size and discussing which was bigger–a taller pumpkin or a wider one.

We have been making lots of paper pumpkin crafts too.  I think the next one we will do is using some of these baby pumpkins to do some stamp art too.

Happy pumpkin season!