Life Lessons from Frozen on Ice – By Emily C.

We recently attended Disney’s Frozen on Ice. It was a fun day that made me realize some important truths about life.

True love lasts forever
No, I’m not talking about the magic-stopping reacquainted sisters Anna and Elsa or the romantic pairing of Anna and Kristoff.  Instead, I refer to the ultimate 4-year-old passion: princesses.

When we bought tickets to Frozen on Ice almost a year ago, we weren’t sure if our daughter would still be enamored by the time the show skated into town.  We took a chance on tickets hoping that her princess phase wouldn’t come to an end. Fortunately, her love of tiaras, magic, castles, and royal gowns has only increased over time.

There is safety in secrets
We never told our daughter about the show.  With the dreadful winter we have had, I was afraid that another blizzard or parking impossibilities would prevent us from going.  I didn’t want her princess dreams to be taken by the New England winter witch.  We waited to tell her what it was until we were seated and looking at the ice.

Time it right
I conferred with fellow moms who had attended previous Disney on Ice events to gauge parking and how much lead-time we needed to arrive.  We left two hours early which gave us about fifteen minutes to spare after taking ages to park.  I had heard from other moms who were stuck in the parking line for so long that they had missed the show (making me more insistent on keeping it a secret).

Costumes not required
While many an event necessitates organza or a tiara these days, I do not believe fancy dresses are needed in an arena especially during winter. I encouraged our little princess to wear a Frozen shirt instead of her long Anna gown and cape because I didn’t want her beloved costume to be destroyed. I watched muddy boots repeatedly trod on the sheer Elsa dresses as people walked around and descended the stairs. I’d hate to see Elsa’s angry icy response when she sees her trashed gown.

You will pay too much for a piece of junk
From the check in area to the seat, we were bombarded by non-stop tables of Frozen and princess paraphernalia and snacks. This didn’t surprise me as products will be placed where buyers will see them.

When trinkets glow, light up, and/or sparkle, expect the cost and child’s interest to increase exponentially. Her joy upon purchasing said item will increase as well, which softens the blow.

Love can be rekindled
Despite being currently interested in newer-to-her princesses, she is now madly in love with Frozen again since the show. We have watched the movie twice, acted parts out, danced to the music, and recalled the memories that had started to fade. Yeah, we did that. We brought it all back to the forefront with one event.

Watch the real event
I quickly learned that it was far more fun to watch my daughter enjoy the show than to watch the skaters myself. I got to see her be mesmerized by the experience. She sang and giggled. She snuggled on her daddy’s lap and visited with me to hold my hand. I took her affectionate gestures as a sign of pure delight.

It was a riot to see how in tune she was with the story when she repeatedly informed us that it wasn’t the same as the movie. Adapted, abridged, or inspired by might not cut it for some rule-enforcing little ones. She rode it out and still liked it even if she kept pointing out things that don’t really happen or were out of sequence. Picky picky.

I have never been bothered by the Frozen obsession. I love seeing her happy and become engrossed with her passion for something.

Now if only we could take our collective love for Elsa and give her a big hug so she will stop this eternal winter. As much as I want to let it go, I am desperate for spring. Maybe we need to dress up like Olaf and sing “In Summer.”  I am looking forward to seeing whatever snow does in summer.