Bringing Winter Indoors — by Emily C.

Kids love to play in the snow, but sometimes it’s far too cold outside to make snow angels and snowmen.  Solution: bring the snow indoors!


Snow Sensory Bin

A fun and easy activity is to create a snow sensory bin with a tote, some snow, cups, and spoons. Beach pails and sand toys work perfectly too. You can use a storage tote, under bed box, or water table to contain the snow. We love to build mini indoor snowmen!  Make sure to keep some towels handy.

DSCF9577 DSCF9564


Arctic Adventure

My three-year-old has loved learning about Arctic animals, living on the ice, and the very useful blubber that keeps the animals warm. I created an Arctic adventure bin for some icy exploration inspired by No Time for Flash Cards (

Fill a plastic container a few inches with water. Add a small bowl or cup to one side, and weigh it down with a canned good or other freezer-safe item. This bowl will displace some of the water creating a hole for water. Freeze and find some other fun activities to do like indoor ice skating. Once frozen, add water to the hole, and dive in. We loved using plastic Arctic animals and making up stories about living on the ice.

DSCF9547 DSCF9548



Ice Drawings

Ice cubes are handy tools for chilly sensory play. Take a piece of dark paper and some ice to create frosty art with disappearing ink!  Kids can doodle or practice letters. They’ll enjoy looking at their art after the water dries too.


Solid or Liquid?

Explore science with ice. Be prepared for hours of fun with only a bowl of warm water, ice, and a helpful towel nearby. My daughter loved guessing what would happen to the ice when put into warm water.

For more fun, try freezing small toys in ice trays. It’s exciting to watch the toys thaw and emerge from their icy cages. We had great discussions about freezing, melting, and temperature. With an older child, this could provide an opportunity for global warming discussions too.



Snowy Crafts

If your hands are too cold after all of that snow and ice play, crafts are an easy way to warm up. We have made paper plate snowmen, painted snowflakes, and laced snowflakes with pipe cleaners and beads.


Winter can make you feel like a kid again. Try to find a way to explore the wintery wonderland even if it’s too cold to go outside.




  1. You are such a fun Mom! My kids are a little older than yours, but I bet they’d both love those activities. In fact, their preschool used to bring the snow indoors, because they couldn’t play on the playground when it was covered in snow. That was always a big hit!

    • Thanks! I try to be. :-) I think we could play with ice all the time and never get bored. I’ve been amazed by how much chilly fun we can have indoors.

  2. I love bringing the snow inside when the temperatures fall. We like to incorporate food coloring into the snow as well. You can use eye droppers (great for building fine motor skills) or spray bottles. Then mix the colors!

  3. Very educational! I love these fun ideas! thank you for the link.