Bathing Beauty – by Emily C.

Staying at home with my 4.5-year-old daughter is a true privilege. We get to have a lot of fun while I help her learn, grow, and question the world around her. We laugh as we imagine about all sorts of silly things. We take adventures. I love that she enjoys art and crafting as much as I do.

As wonderful as that all is, sometimes I just need a few minutes to myself. She has been in a mommy phase for all but about three weeks of her life so far. I love my little barnacle, but sometimes I crave a little alone time. Sure, I never have to worry about being lonely while using the facilities. She is even adorable while insisting that I sit next to her EVERY morning while she watches her “wake-up” show on TV.

If I make the mistake of not waiting until she is asleep, my daughter drops everything when I take a bath these days. She loves to sit on a stool in the bathroom to keep me company.

While I typically hope for ten minutes of relaxation by myself, I realize that, like most of parenting, my bath wasn’t about me. I can’t be too annoyed because she is so adorable for wanting to keep me company. She sings, tells stories, and asks me questions.

A recent bath inspired her to draw a picture of me in the tub. She was truly proud of her creation and pointed out the bath tub, water, shower curtain, and, of course, me naked in the bath. I was impressed by her drawing and was pleased it wasn’t anatomically correct. I was a tad concerned that I’d have floatation devices on my chest.


She seems really excited by the glamorous act of leg shaving. I had planned to skip this chore the last time, but she cheered me on saying, “You can do it again just to be sure.” Great, I live with the stubble police.

She is curious about why I shave my legs and her daddy shaves his face. We get to have some interesting discussions about men and women. Thankfully, she hasn’t been too interested in learning about the real differences yet!

Mostly I think she wants to be like me. She talks about being tall like me (at under 5’5″, that makes me grin), learning to shave, plus many other things.

Ah, to dream! I hate to burst her youthful bubble by elaborating on the “joys” of womanhood, such as the truth about shaving. She will have many years of torturous beauty treatments in her future to figure it out for herself. Just wait until she learns about eyebrow management. Sorry, kid!

Meanwhile, I will enjoy my company because I know it won’t be long before she turns into an eye-rolling pre-teen who will want nothing to do with me. I hate to think of the pictures she will draw of me then.